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Chad E. Cooper

Book Excellence Awards Program

How lifestyle coach increased his credibility and visibility as an author

Meet Chad

Chad E. Cooper is a Legendary Lifestyle coach, author, and philanthropist who is recognized globally for his leadership in human-development coaching. With experience in the military, politics, and many years as an elite level coach, Chad founded his own organization called Factive Nautics where he helps clients find their purpose and reignite their passion for life.

With a remarkable ability to create positive transformations for both individuals and organizations, Chad is regularly called upon by clients, including: Olympic medalists, financial titans, elite entrepreneurs, athletes including many NFL, MLB and NHL pros, and United Nations Representatives. He is highly sought after to help these acheivers create a life that exceeds their wildest imaginations.

Chad’s book, Time Isn’t The Problem: Four Strategies to Transform Stress Into Success, published by Morgan James, received a Book Excellence Award in the Self Help category. This book is for anyone who feels stuck in their life and wants to transform from stress to success. An entertaining and informative read, the book offers an easy to understand formula readers can use to start living the life of their dreams.

Challenges as an Author

As a first-time author, Chad was just getting introduced to the world of book marketing.

He worked with an agent to help him simplify the publishing process; she recommended he enter the Book Excellence Awards.

A book award can be a key component of a book marketing plan; it helps an author gain critical exposure and visibility to reach a wider audience.

While it is important for Chad to gain exposure, it is more important that the world reads the message in this book. It has the potential to transform lives, creating a ripple effect in the world around us.

“My goal with this book is to teach people all over the world to reach their highest potential.”

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Finalist

When Chad discovered he had received a Book Excellence Award, he was incredibly excited.

“I was humbled that this book was seen as a life changer by the award committee. I was elated.”

The award helped Chad gain the exposure he was looking for.

“This is a very prestigious award to win, it will increase your credibility, visibility for your book and elevate your standing as a first-time author.”

Chad’s Success

Chad’s success comes from his ability to practice his philosophy and empower individuals and organizations through discovering and creating resources that can transform their lives.

Chad’s book has received widespread critical acclaim, with reviews from elite athletes and professionals including Mark Devine (New York Times Bestselling author of The Way of the SEAL and founder of Unbeatable Mind), Rebecca Roni (US Olympic gold medalist) and Jamie Turner (Internationally-recognized author and CNN contributor). Positive reviews of the book continue to pour in, stating:

“Chad leads by example and generously shares his success secrets in the practical strategies in this book. They will allow you to take control over your destiny,”


“This book reaches into the essence of all the things you do, and shows you how to make them richer and more fulfilling.”

As a multi-talented professional, Chad hosts his own radio show called ‘Legendary Lifestyles’ on  He has also worked as a Platinum/Master Coach and show host of Business Mastery for Tony Robbins’ company, Robbins Research International.

Chad has shared his wisdom and expertise as a guest on many radio and podcast interviews including The Jenny McCarthy show, CBS Radio, That Business Show, Savvy Business Radio and more. Chad is also a contributor for and has been featured in Forbes, the Huffington Post and Inc. Magazine.

Chad is actively involved in philanthropic work. He donates part of his time to a Guatemalan relief mission, and a portion of the proceeds from his book are also donated to his charity, the House of Healing (Guatemala Mission Medical Outpatient & Missionary Lodging House).

To contact Chad, you can visit his website or connect with him on social media.

To purchase his book, visit Amazon.

Chad’s Advice

For authors interested in applying to the Book Excellence Awards, Chad shares his experience:

“The Book Excellence Award is a known brand with great exposure that would boost sales.”

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