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Diana Liyanage

Best Seller Program

How children’s fantasy author became a #1 Amazon Best Seller

Meet Diana

Diana Liyanage is the author of the Axel Lennart book series. A talented artist, Diana studied film directing and screenwriting, obtaining a Diploma in Directing from the Central Film School in London.

Diana worked with Book Excellence to promote her first book, Axel Lennart and the Ice World—a high-octane, sci-fi adventure packed with mystery and suspense.

Challenges as an Author
As an author developing a series, Diana wanted to understand more about the publishing industry and the process of book marketing as a whole.   She was looking to build her readership as a way to create a brand around her books.

“I wanted to increase my visibility and learn how to better market my books.”

However, book marketing can be a difficult, arduous process.   So, Diana enlisted the help of the Book Excellence team to support her in accomplishing her vision.

“I tried but did not understand what to do! It looked like [the Best Seller program] provided good advice on how to get your book started on the right foot!”

How Book Excellence Helped Diana Become A Best Seller

Book Excellence’s goal was two-fold:
  1. To ensure Diana’s book was presented in a way that was competitive among other best sellers in the Science Fiction and Fantasy category.

  2. To drive direct traffic to Diana’s book on Amazon so she could gain access to a larger audience of readers and increase her book sales.
Book Excellence worked with Diana to update key elements of her Amazon listing including her book cover and description, so the book would have wider appeal when promoted to a larger audience.

“I had a cover that I thought was ok but after seeing the new cover prepared by the Book Excellence Team, I saw how bad my original cover was! The team helped my book look professional and helped improve the description text – and provided valuable advice on marketing.”

After optimizing Diana’s listing, the Book Excellence team coordinated targeted promotions to drive direct traffic to Diana’s book on Amazon. As a result of the Book Excellence team’s marketing efforts, Axel Lennart and the Ice World made it on 9 best-seller lists, including hitting the #1 spot in multiple categories and outselling New York Times’ bestsellers such as The Lost Heir by E.G. Foley and all-time classics such as A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.

“It was amazing! My book hit number one in multiple categories.”

Diana’s Success

With access to a larger network of readers and the right positioning, Diana’s book was able to get the attention it truly deserved.

“It has increased visibility, credibility and awareness of the book.”

With multiple glowing, five-star reviews, the book is now being placed in the same ranks of international, critically acclaimed books and movies. Readers are sharing:

“This book brought to mind Star Wars and a little Harry Potter, a good mix to have!”


“The story is non-stop action…kept me interested from beginning to end!”

Diana has also been featured as a guest on national podcasts that have thousands of listeners per month and showcase talented artists, actors and individuals passionate about the science fiction and fantasy genre.
To learn more about Diana, you can visit her website or connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To purchase a copy of her book, visit Amazon.

Diana’s Advice

To authors thinking of joining the Book Excellence Best Seller Program, Diana says:

“It’s a wonderful thing to be involved with, and the marketing support is valuable. The team was extremely helpful and very quick to respond. They made the whole experience enjoyable and exciting.”

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