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H.J Chammas

Book Excellence Awards Program

How an entrepreneur gained exposure and became a #1 Best Seller

Meet H.J.

Few authors are able to capture the true spirit of entrepreneurialism in their books. H.J Chammas is different; an award-winning motivational speaker turned self-made ‘Employee Millionaire’ and financial coach, who has used his own experience as an internationally successful real estate investor to write a best-selling guide to achieving financial independence.

Founder and CEO of the Employee Millionaire, H.J. has defined a clear outline surrounding how you can become a successful property investor with limited funds, without having to leave the security of your day job.

H.J.’s book, “The Employee Millionaire: How to Use Your Day Job to Become a Millionaire with Rental Properties”, received a Book Excellence Award in the Real Estate category. This book motivates readers and provides an easy to follow blueprint on how to successfully invest in properties regardless of their current financial situation, in the hopes of guiding them towards financial freedom.

Challenges as an Author

The Employee Millionaire is H.J.’s first foray into the world of publishing, so it was initially difficult for him to effectively market his new book.

There was no marketing strategy to begin with, and it was only through intense trial and error that H.J. was able to create a viable marketing plan.

“I entered into the world of publishing without a proper plan on marketing my book. This resulted in trying many initiatives with time and money lost to deliver impact on my book’s visibility.”

By winning the Book Excellence award, H.J. has become recognized as an inspirational finance coach.

The award has opened up new avenues for the author, including promotional content for himself and his book on podcasts, TV and radio.

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

Since receiving the award, H.J. has benefitted from an increase in visibility and is now focusing his efforts on further promotion of his book, with the ultimate goal of helping readers reach their financial goals.

“Being a Book Excellence Award Winner in the category of Real Estate has boosted my credibility and allowed me to become a best-selling author.”

More and more people have now been exposed to the Employee Millionaire, allowing H.J. to work on expanding his business whilst creating a further two guides on meeting financial independence.

H.J. has also been grateful for the increase in media attention, and has been making use of his TV and radio appearances to further promote his book.

H.J.’s Success

Since the release of the Employee Millionaire, H.J. has gone on to release a further two books: “Break Out of Your 9-5 Job: 11 Limiting Beliefs That Make You Stand in Your Own Way to Becoming a Millionaire” and “The 4 Stages of Building Wealth: How to Achieve Financial Freedom Before Leaving Your Day Job”.

He has also founded his own company; the Employee Millionaire, and has gone on to teach thousands of people how they can secure financial freedom from the comfort of their job.

So many people have come forward to say that H.J.’s book has helped them to succeed. Richard Duncan, an author and economist, had this to say:

“H.J. Chammas has done the world a great service by writing a book that clearly explains how to “do it right” every single step of the way. Meticulous, but also enjoyable to read, The Employee Millionaire is an A to Z guide on how to acquire a portfolio of rental properties that will build wealth with every month that passes.”

Following the success of the Employee Millionaire, H.J. has gone on to build a loyal following on Facebook of over 2000 fans who all ‘like’ and interact with his page, Employee Millionaire. His appearance on Tucson Morning Blend (an affiliate of ABC news) can be found here, where he goes into further detail on what the book details and how it can help you. 

Those interested in reaching out to contact H.J. Chammas can get in touch with him directly through his Employee Millionaire page on Facebook, or by visiting his website.

To purchase his book, you can click here to visit Amazon.

H.J.’s Advice

H.J.’s advice to other authors about entering the Book Excellence Awards is:

“Make sure that you have done your best at writing, editing, proofreading, and designing your book, so that you improve your chance to win a Book Excellence Award, which will definitely boost your credibility as an author.”

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