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Steve Jackson

Best Seller Program

How inspirational poet hit the #1 spot on the Amazon Best Seller list

Meet Steve

Steve Jackson is an internationally published poet who has written three books, Wade in the Water, An Affair in the Valley: A Collection of Poems, and The Harbor. His poetry resonates deeply in the minds and hearts of readers and his work has attracted an audience of readers around the world.

Steve worked with Book Excellence to promote his book, An Affair in the Valley. Told with poignant, passionate prose and reflecting the universal themes of love, life, joy and gratitude, An Affair in the Valley invites readers to embark on a powerful journey through the darkness into the beauty and peace of the light.

Challenges as an Author
Steve’s mission as an author was simple: to connect with readers on a deeper level and in a way that brings out the best in humanity. However, marketing a book often requires a very different skill set than writing one—and with the proliferation of book marketing options out there, Steve was struggling with what to do first.

“I didn’t understand where to start trying to promote the book.”

Looking for guidance and a marketing team to support him in accomplishing his mission, Steve turned to Book Excellence, as we offered a done-for-you solution.

“I talked on the phone with Book Excellence…and felt our minds looking forward together honestly.”

He felt the recognition from a bestselling title would help his book stand out and gain the increased readership he was looking for.

How Book Excellence Helped Steve Become A Best Seller

The Book Excellence team carried out a full promotional campaign to position Steve’s book for success and promote his work to a large audience of readers. Our process is outlined as follows: We worked with Steve to help him understand how to identify his target audience, develop his brand as an author and showcase his book in a way that would appeal to them. We optimized his listing on Amazon and developed a professional website he could use to connect with readers. Along the way, we explained our systems and processes, so Steve was better educated and inducted into the world of book marketing.

“Working with Book Excellence inspired and empowered me.”

As a result of the Book Excellence team’s marketing efforts, An Affair in the Valley made it on 12 best-seller lists, including hitting the #1 spot in 5 categories. The book outsold classic bestsellers such as Devotions by Mary Oliver as well as Steve’s personal inspiration, poet Rupi Kaur.

“At first I tried not to believe it. Then when I let myself believe it. I felt rapture. The book hit the #1 spot in 3 categories.”

Steve’s Success

As a result of the campaign, Steve’s work received positive acclaim and attention, allowing him to accomplish his goal of brightening readers’ lives.

“It’s animated me with a feeling of being more a part of people, loving them more and desiring to come across in a better light for them.”

Steve’s poems have received local, national and international acclaim with a selection of his press coverage and awards including features in The Los Angeles Times, The Signal and the Book Excellence Awards.
A glowing review writes:

“Steve Jackson’s writings come from his heart. He writes about what he feels. His personal style communicates with each reader. His poems and stories are about our own shared experiences. He writes about universally shared feelings and thoughts. He leaves you with a soft breeze of love and encouragement.”

To get in touch with Steve, you can visit his website, send him an e-mail or connect with him on Twitter.

To purchase his book, visit Amazon.

Steve’s Experience

To authors thinking of working with the Book Excellence team to launch their books to the best seller list, Steve describes his experience:

“The Book Excellence team inspires me with their tact, wisdom and good will I’ll always cherish.”

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